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I was born in Babinda in Far North Queensland, near Innisfail for those who are clueless where Babinda is. For those who are still clueless, south of Cairns and North of Townsville, the rest of you I can’t help.
At one stage I lived in Cairns for many years which was throughout my high school years. I recall most vividly the many days I spent with mates along the banks of the Inlet. We fished the Marlin Jetty to begin with, being noobs to the ancient art of Angling.
But in those days, it was a bountiful location, and we did well amongst the throngs of locals and tourists taking advantage of the plentiful abundance of species of all kinds.
The Jetty used to be home to a huge Grouper who lived around the pylons and off his reputation with the tourists who fed him daily.
 We would cycle like madmen every Saturday morning, braving rain and hail, traffic, and mad dogs (genuine traumatic recollections, don’t laugh) to get to the Jetty and breathlessly cast our lines in anticipation of the “Big One”. I can’t specifically recall ever landing anything that qualified as a ‘Big One”, but I ate ok.
Grunter, Mangrove jack, Bream, we used handlines, we never even dreamed of rods. I could cast a handline and knock a mudskipper 10 metres away clean out with a well-aimed sinker. If only that skill was worth something in the greater economy.
Anyway, long story short (Always leave them wanting more)
HookUpz is my way of getting a little bit of that back.



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